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1. ANSYS, Inc. -
    Provides Computer-aided engineering technology and engineering design analysis software products.

2. MSC Software -
    Worldwide provider of Simulation software products for physical phenomena, including MSC.Nastran, MSC.Patran, MSC.MARC, MSC.Dytran and MSC.Working Model.

3. Mechanical Solutions -
    A division of MSC Software that provides core software, industry-specific software, and services.

4. FEMAP -
    A premium pre/post processing FEM software for Windows.

5. Algor, Inc. -
    Finite element analysis and mechanical event simulation software for virtual prototyping.

6. Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. -
    Develop and market ADAMS, mechanical system simulation, kinematics, dynamics and virtual prototyping software.

    Suite of general-purpose nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) programs for mechanical, structural, civil, biomedical, and related engineering applications.

8. FlexPDE -
    A general, script driven solution system for Partial differential equations, including equation interpretation, mesh generation, numerical solution and graphical output.

9. IFER - Internet Finite Element Resources -
    IFER - Internet Finite Element Resources

10. CEWES Grid Generation Software Catalog -
    Catalog information about grid generation codes.

11. Finite Element People -
    List of researchers and scientists that work in using, developing, improving and analyzing finite element methods in various applications.

12. Mesh Generation and Grid Generation on the Web -
    Links to a wide variety of resources for Mesh Generation on the Web, including conferences, literature, people and open positions in the field.

13. Integrated Engineering Software -
    Provide CAE simulation software for analysis of electrostatic, magnetostatic, eddy current, particle trajectory, thermal, high frequency, and mechanical application using the boundary element method(BEM).

14. COSMOS/M -
    Structural Research & Analysis Corporation develops and markets modular software for design engineers and dedicated analysts.

15. Engineous Software -
    Develops and sells design of experiments and optimization software that will work with any FEA code or programming language.

16. Altair Engineering -
    Developers of the HyperWorks family of products, including Hypermesh, HyperGraph and OptiStruct.

17. Livermore Software Technology Corporation -
    Development source for the LS-DYNA non-linear finite element analysis software program.

18. Numerical Objects -
    Develops and markets the C++ framework Diffpack (numerical solution of PDEs) and other advanced numerical simulation and object-oriented software.

19. MARC Analysis Research Corporation -
    Nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) software for engineering structural analysis offering automated nonlinear analysis of contact problems as found in rubber, metal forming and other applications.

20. Radioss -
    An explicit Finite Element software using lagrangian or Arbitrary Lagrange Euler coordinate modes. The element and material libraries, together with highly efficient contact computations allow the modelization of virtually any mechanical engineering problem.

21. ADINA -
    A one system finite element program for the analysis of structures, heat transfer, fluid flow and fluid flow with structural interactions.

22. MADYMO -
    An engineering software tool that allows users to design and optimize occupant safety systems efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.

23. FLAMES Simulation Framework -
    Behaviorial simulation framework, and a provider of related custom software by Ternion Corp.

24. ICEM CFD -
    Develops and markets a pre-processor specifically for CFD solvers.

25. TrueGrid -
    An Interactive 3D hexahedral mesh generation system for Finite Element and Finite Difference simulation codes. Imports CAD and solid model geometry and exports to the most popular simulation codes. Suited for structures, fluids, biomechanics, heat transfer, and electrodynamics analysis.

26. LUSAS -
    Linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, composite and thermal engineering analysis for civil, structural, bridge, composites and general engineers.

27. Ultimate CAE Directory -
    Hundreds of links to useful and interesting CAE cited, including FEA, CAE, free software, and career information.

28. Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory -
    Information about a modular finite element code used as a testbed for advances in computational mechanics.

29. Spice-It! for Windows -
    A mixed-mode design and simulation automation software for Windows featuring WYSIWYG schematic capture, continuous analog with powerful post-processing features.

30. Blast/FX -
    Explosive effects analysis software allows security and engineering specialists to model the effects of explosions against facilities and occupants.

31. STRAP -
    Structural engineering software featuring concrete and steel design (including cold formed), dynamic and seismic analysis, bridge analysis and more. By ATIR Engineering Software.

32. Scanscot Technology - Home Page -
    Develops BRIGADE, a finite element program for bridge engineering.

33. Structural Analysis Technologies, Inc. -
    Makers of AutoDesign, FEA and design optimization program that operates within AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and other CAD environments. Static, dynamic, and thermal analyses and automatic mesh generation.

34. deal.II -
    C++ library for the finite element solution of PDE, supporting adaptivity, error estimators, different elements, 1d, 2d, and 3d.

35. Simulation Tools -
    Listing of various software tools for the simulation of both continuous-time dynamic systems and discrete-event ones. Provides a broad review with links to the software makers and to demo downloads.

36. StressLab -
    Integrated finite element modeling, analysis, and results display products for PTC-Computervision CADSS5 design software.

37. FElt -
    A free system for finite-element analysis.

38. QuickField -
    Offers FEA software for electro-magnetical, thermal and mechanical problems. On sight information, down loads and support.

39. NE/Nastran -
    Finite element analysis software.

40. CAEFEM -
    A Windows-based finite element analysis system used to perform both linear and nonlinear structural and thermal analyses of design models and assemblies.

41. INTES -
    Develops and maintains the general purpose finite element analysis software system PERMAS, and offers services related to FE technology.

42. SIMEC Corp. -
    Develops and distributes SIMPLORER, the powerful mixed-mode, mixed-language system simulator. Features an easy-to-use UI and offers hassle free simulation with no convergency problems.

43. Woodard Engineering -
    Develop and market low cost, custom engineering software for structural analysis. Products include finite element analysis and beam properties.

44. NovaComp Engineering, Inc. -
    Engineering consultants specializing in nonlinear finite element analysis, design and testing services, as well as support for MARC finite element analysis code.

45. SST Systems, Inc. -
    The makers of CAEPIPE, pipe stress analysis software. In the field since 1984.

46. Computational Mechanics Australia Pty.Ltd. -
    Developers of mesh generation software for the needs of FEA professionals, especially quadrilateral and anisotropic mesh generation.

47. STRACO (STructures and Acoustics by COmputer) -
    Software Development for Finite Element Analysis (I-DEAS Vibro-Acoustics and RAYON) and engineering consulting in acoustics and vibrations.

48. KFEM and FreeFEM -
    Provide a KDE2 graphical interface for Finite Element Codes.

49. LISA -
    Multi-Physics FEA software for analyses: Static, Dynamic (Eigenvalue), Dynamic Response, Steady and Transient Thermal, Fluid (Including Navier Stokes Equations), Seepage, Acoustic, and Electro-magnetic. Software provides Active-X Port for individual use.

50. The Finite Element Method Site -
    Several web-based analysis codes written in Java. Available free with source code.

51. Atlantic -
    Structural engineering program for 3D steel frame analysis and design.

52. AutoFEA -
    JL Analyzer - Finite Element and Stress Analysis Software, provides Product optimisation and cost-effective solutions. Analyze all your designs with an easy to use interface.

53. FE-DESIGN Ltd. -
    Development of methods and products in the field of FEM based structural optimization

54. Professional Web-Site of Samuel K. Kassegne -
    Outline of professional practices and offers teaching experience.

55. fluidyn -
    Software developed by Transoft International in the field of computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer, structural mechanics, environmental engineering and ground water pollution.

56. Structural Analysis, Inc. -
    SAI is the developer of the mtab finite element analysis software packages that have been in use worldwide since 1985.

57. UNA - Finite Element Analysis Program -
    A free FEM computer program for analysis of complex structural models. Performs static, modal, buckling, transient and frequency response, aeroelastic gust response, sub-structuring. User & Verification manual available.

58. Analysis for Windows -
    FEM package for three dimensional tasks with special focus on user friendly Windows interface.

59. IntuitionSoftware -
    Offers IntuitiveFEM, an integrated FEA package for Windows and Macintosh systems.

60. ANSYS Info and Tips -
    Finite element analysis with ANSYS - information, experience, and tips.

61. FEA Information -
    Information about Linux for servers that are massively parallel machines, and their use in running Dyna3D software. Includes results from benchmark simulations, participating companies, and pre and post processing information.

62. PACSYS Ltd -
    Supplies PAFEC VibroAcoustics. This solves acoustic and vibration problems using the finite and boundary element methods. Applications include underwater acoustics, audio, medical ultrasonics and automotive.

63. Software Marketing Consultants, Inc. -
    Develop and sell the ANSYS DesignSpace FEA Software package, including both a linear solver (plus non-linear materials) and a pre- and post- processor.

64. VirtualBEing -
    A 3D Boundary Element Solver, written in C++/MFC/OpenGL using an Object-Oriented design approach. Demonstration software available for early GUI development.

65. FEA Information -
    A series of web sites designed with information on software applications that interface with Livermore Software Technologys LS-DYNA, used to analyze the nonlinear dynamic response of three-dimensional inelastic structures.

66. Finite Element Method Universal Resource -
    Introduction to FEM, general FEM resources and educational information.