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1. BOSS International -
Software, bookstore, and other technical information for civil and environmental engineering professionals.

2. Haestad Methods, Inc. -
Designer of hydrology and hydraulics software for civil engineers. Our products include: WaterCad, PondPack, SewerCad, CulverMaster, FlowMaster, HEC-RAS, and Graphical HEC.

3. GT STRUDL Structural Design & Analysis Software -
Integrates graphical modeling, static/dynamic/nonlinear/ push-over analyses, steel & reinforced concrete design, finite element analysis, and database management into a single system for MS/Windows.

4. SoilVision Systems Ltd. -
Knowledge-based database software for individual or corporate warehousing of saturated-unsaturated soil properties. A database of over 6000 soils is also provided.

5. Traffix -
Traffic simulation.

6. Archon Engineering Civil/Mechanical Software -
Offers 25 software programs for Civil/Structural and Mechanical Engineering design and analysis.

7. Rescol - Seismic software for soil-structure interaction -
Software to determine stiffness of foundations and footings and develop seismic spectrums for seismic analysis.

8. Engineering Software Center -
Search engine for software in the civil engineering field.

9. MINCAD Systems -
Numerical modeling software for mining and pavement engineering.

10. GEO-SLOPE International Ltd. -
CAD software for geotechnical and geo-environmental modelling.

11. Pizer Incorporated -
HYDRA storm and sanitary sewer modeling software and earthwork cut and fill software.

12. Alashki Engineering Solutions -
GaLa Reinforcement - Software for analysis of reinforced concrete elements, including strains, curvatures, stiffnesses (II order, creeping) and cracks.

13. Diana Analysis bv -
Offer complete software solutions for the civil engineering world, using finite element methods. The company's main product is the DIANA (displacement analyser) finite element program.

14. Finite Element Software for Strucural Engineers -
AxisVM is a high productivity finite element analysis software tool for civil engineers.

15. Infrasoft Limited -
Surface modeling, highway, railway and site design and analysis software.

16. Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering -
Distribution site for free airfield, road, railroad, and general transportation, design and evaluation software written by US Army Corps of Engineers.

17. CSC- Structural Design Software -
Structural analysis and modeling, steelwork and concrete design using TEDDS, Fastrak 5950, Fabtrol, 3D+, S-Frame, S-Steel, B-Sect, C-Sect, W-Sect and Orion software.

18. ASDIP Structural Design -
Software structural design of building components such as footings, beams, columns, walls, corbels, etc. Fully compatible with Windows platforms.

19. GaLa Reinforcemet -
General analysis of reinforced concrete elements including reinforcement, curvature and stiffness (order II), cracks, and safety chart.

20. X32 Group, Inc. -
Highway safety analysis software for traffic accident studies, which includes data processing and filtering, accident summary, collision diagram, calculating accident rates and estimating safety benefits.

21. XcalcS -
On-line tools for structural design: beams, plates, vessels, and more.

22. Ram Caddsys -
Steel and reinforced concrete detailing.

23. geo&soft international -
Geotechnical software for rock mechanics, soil mechanics, hydrogeology, geophysics and geology.

24. EZ-BEAM -
Provides shear and moment diagrams, deflections and equations of equilibrium. Output exports to MS Word.

25. Robert Steltman, Inc. -
Solutions for civil engineers and surveyors.

26. ARTS hydraulic design software -
A graphical hydraulic design package covering waterhammer, water/wastewater treatment design, open channel flow and pipe networks.

27. MIDUSS 98 -
Stormwater modeling software intended for designers of stormwater management systems.

28. AASHTOWare Software -
From the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

29. RISA Technologies -
General-purpose structural engineering software for Windows.

30. SPACE GASS Software for Structural Analysis and Design -
Windows-based structural analysis and design program for 2D and 3D frames, trusses, grilages and beams.

31. Cheops Steel Design Software and 900 Equations online -
Handbook Series utilizing state-of-the-art computing aids, multi-media, discussion forum, and interactive responses. Internet data base with about 900 free formulae in MathML(XML), Text and images.

32. BeamPro -
An "easy-to-use" continuous beam analysis program for Windows 3.1, Win95 and NT4.0.

33. C-Concepts, Inc. -
Structural engineering software for the design of towers, buildings and bridges.

34. Eriksson Technologies, Inc. -
Bridge engineering and structural engineering analysis and design software.

35. South Fork Technologies, Inc. -
Steel detailing and fabrication including HP calculator software for detailers and engineers.

36. Meca Consulting -
Structural Engineering software for wind, plate, and shell design.

37. RebarWin -
Software for detailing reinforcement bars.

38. Creative Engineering -
Civil Engineering software for Macintosh.

39. CADS - Civil and Structural Engineering Software -
Analysis, design and detailing software applications for civil and structural engineering.

40. Software Solutions -
Providing software solutions for both industrial and commercial engineering applications.

41. Bestech Systems Limited -
Providers of a software suite for the design of highway and railway bridges. It integrates structural analysis with code checking to AASHTO LRFD, BS 5400 and AUSTROADS.

42. Steel Framing Design -
Light-gauge steel framing design for structural engineers, architects and contractors.

43. Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering -
Focuses on the use of Microsoft Excel in the structural engineering and construction environments. Provides fully working spreadsheets and links to others sites where spreadsheets can be obtained.

44. Integer -
Independent software house specialising in application software for the construction industry, including structural steelwork, reinforced concrete and bridge design.

45. Ardy Environmental Software -
Slope stability analysis, geotechnical, and geoenvironmental (geo-environmental) models and modeling software including GALENA.

46. Traf-O-Data -
Transportation tracking and monitoring hardware and software.

47. NECO Engineers -
Software for designing structural members, prestresses and precast concrete members.

48. Septic Edge - Septic System Planning and Design Software -
Software to prepare on-site sewage facility (OSSF) and septic system planning materials. Includes soil analysis, septic tank, aerobic, absorption, LPD, ET, sand filter, gravelless pipe, mound, leaching chamber, drip, and spray systems.

49. SIRIA Technologies -
Environmental pollution modeling.

50. SCIA-Online -
Specialised software for the civil construction industry.

51. Traffic Engineering Software -
Provides the patented TRAF-Safe and TRAF-Impacts software.

52. Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory -
Environmental modeling software specializing in ground water, watershed, and surface water modeling.

53. Rockgrout -
Animated and interactive programs explaining the design and construction of cement grouting. Includes an instructive game in which an imaginary hole is 'grouted'.

54. StreaMMetrics -
Technical software for watershed managers & engineers specializing in applied stream geomorphology.

55. Concrete Building Design by Computer -
Free computer software with explanations and illustrations covering the analysis and design of concrete building structural components.

56. Microstran -
Structural analysis and design of steel and concrete structures, such as bridges, transmission towers, buildings, trusses, beams, columns, and frames.

57. Levelworks -
Surveying software for the HP48 calculator.

58. The Harmac Company -
Assists highway agencies and their personnel with database applications assisting in the tracking of inventories, inspections and maintenance.

59. Spyder Software -
Design and analysis of reinforced concrete foundations.

60. Affinity Computing -
Software for analysis of cross sections loaded in torsion. Works from DXF file input.

61. Spreadsheets for Structural Engineers -
Includes bridge design and GT STRUDL post-processor.

62. Armtec Engineering Software -
Offers a free downloadable unit conversion toolkit and request form for other free software for stormwater detention system design, design and specification of Multi-Plate Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe, and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis. Canada.

63. Cambridge Systematics Inc. -
Provides a web-based support center, technical notes, and a user product forum for the aashto bridgeware products - pontis, virtis, and opis - and the aashtoware survey data management system.

64. Seismic Performance Engineering -
Performance-based seismic engineering design and analysis.

65. TDV Austria -
Software producer and engineering consulting firm in the field of technical data processing. Its main objective is the development and application of software used in civil and mechanical engineering.

66. DTWARE Engineering Software -
Software for column and continuous beam analysis.

67. SAFI Software -
Analysis and design of steel frames, concrete structures, bridges, prestressed girders, latticed towers and tubular towers.

68. SNAPBridge: Bridge Analysis and Design -

69. Interactive Design Systems, Inc. -
Bridge engineering software for pre-stressed concrete structures, segmental concrete bridges and cable-stay bridges.

70. Soakaway Design -
Wastewater system design, includes rainfall map for the U.K.

71. McIntyre Associates -
Software for concrete test reporting, moisture-density (Proctor) test reporting, Field (Insitu) Density reporting for soils and asphalt; for compliance with CSA, ACI and ASTM standards.

72. ENCAD Engineering Software -
Analysis and design of buildings, bridges, masts, towers, geotechnics and drainage schemes.

73. GTS Cadbuild Limited -
Structural Analysis and design software including finite elements, steel and concrete design.

74. SOFTEK -
Windows based structural engineering and analysis software including S-Frame, P-Frame and S-Steel.

75. Parametrix Struc Plus -
AutoCAD and IntelliCAD compatible design and drafting software for structural engineers in the UK.

76. Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis of 3D Moment-Resisting Frames -
Free software for static and dynamic analysis of 3D moment-resisting, linear-elastic frames. Source code available.

77. SAM -
Software suite for the design of highway bridges.

78. RAPT Concrete Design Software -
Reinforced concrete and partially prestressed concrete members to various design codes.

79. CADS Software India -
Civil and structural applications including steel and reinforced concrete design, structural analysis, and road and drainage.

80. Finite Element Software -
Simple finite element software for engineering stress analysis of 2D problems.

81. Engineering Shareware and Freeware Programs -
Engineering shareware and freeware programs including drafting and modeling programs.

82. Spencer Engineering Software -
For the evaluation and selection of standard open-web steel joists for floor and roof construction, including joist/slab vibration analysis.

83. BridgeAsyst - Bridge Management Software -
Developed by bridge engineers to predict future expenditure programs.

84. Structural Calculation Software - TEDDS -
Structural Calculations within microsoft pord integrating analysis and design, complete with sketches, diagrams and notes.

85. Anderson-Hydro -
The arid lands hydrology model (AHYMO) program for evaluating rainfall and runoff, including analysis of storm sewers, reservoirs, open channels, steep slopes, and urban street flow.

86. Structures Assistant -
Stress Analysis for beams, plates, and bolted joints. Includes a section properties calculator and dynamic viewing of deformed shapes.

87. Steelwork Design Software -ASTRAK -
Software for the design of portal frames, multi-storey buildings and connections.

88. Open Channel Flow Measurement Software -
Discharge calculations for rectangular, V-notch, Cipoletti weirs. End depth flow measurement for culverts, rectangular and triangular channels.

89. Engineering Software Center -
Specializes in listing software in the civil engineering field. Hosted by Hurricane Electric.

90. PC Engineers -
Software for structural design.

91. Bidding Software -
Software developed by Civil Engineers for quantity survey jobs.

Integrated terrain modeling and civil works software package used in surveying, land subdivisions, drainage, earth moving, landscape design, mapping and mining applications.

93. ICAB Finite Element Analysis -
Dynamic and static analysis and design of structures.

94. The Geotechnical Office -
Borehole logging and management software.

95. CivilTech Corporation -
Engineering software maker focused on project management, information systems, database development, and engineering and is widely used nationally and internationally.